Make this Crisp White Pipe Cleaner Wreath

I found this wreath on the internet and thought,
“I can make that” Unfortunately, I can’t find where it came from to give credit. The photos
and instructions below are my own.


3 bags of 100 12″ white pipe cleaners

18″ metal wreath frame (4 rows)

8-10 medium pine cones

Handful of reeds


Cut the pipe cleaners in half so you have 600 6″ segments

Twist the first pipe cleaner on as shown (see photo)

Continue adding pipe cleaners until you have used about 40 segments in one area (see photo)

Continue adding and straightening until you have filled the entire frame

Tie a 12″ piece of florist wire around the bottom of each pine cone and attach every 8 inches

You can add a few reeds to the wreath to give it a little rustic appeal.

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